A Short Post About a Short Poem

While visiting North Dakota this summer, I purchased a book called “Words of Wisdom from the Wise Old Owls of North Dakota”.  Author Sara Widdel Beaudrie has compiled and published stories and poetry from many senior residents of her state.  I was in the gift shop of the zoo in Minot when the book caught my eye.  As I always do, I opened to a random page and began reading what has become a favorite poem.  The 90 year old lady who submitted the poem could not identify the author, however I have been able to track the writing to Evangeline Paterson, a 20th century poet from Ireland.  I hope it blesses you as it has me.

I used to think   —   loving life so greatly   —
That to die would be like leaving a party
Before the end.
Now I know that the party is really happening
Somewhere else;
That the light and the music   —
Escaping in snatches to make the pulse beat and the tempo quicken   —
Come from a long way away.
And I know too that when I get there
The music will never end.


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