Dealing With Distraction

Today is the kind of day I look forward to, the kind with great possibility and flexibility, one without places to be and people to see, a day full of hours stretched out like a blank canvas just waiting for my creativity or productivity. Perhaps, I thought, I would write a blog post in the morning and then make an afternoon trip to Lendons flower shop to check on my jewelry display. Or, I could get showered and head over to the flower shop before lunch, leaving the afternoon open for writing.

With my husband off on a business trip and my son out the door for a day at the office, I enjoyed my usual leisurely coffee and quiet time. Except, it wasn’t that quiet. Ohio’s April has blown in with force, bringing yesterday’s warm temperatures, rain, and thunderstorms followed by today’s cooler air and roaring wind. Our area has two current weather alerts, a flood watch and a wind advisory, and while our temperature is in the 40s, I’ve noticed a few snowflakes in the air. It’s a good morning to stay home.


As I was contemplating a topic for this week’s post, the sound of gusting wind was replaced by the engine noise of a large truck. Garbage truck? No, it’s Wednesday, not Monday, better check it out.

Wonder whose tree they’ve come for. I’ll snap a picture in case we ever want to call them.

Peeking out my windows, I saw the trimmers sizing up a tree that our neighbors have wanted removed. The chain saw and chipper were quickly engaged. Noise upon noise and a blocked driveway, but I didn’t think the work would take long, so I showered and pondered with a bit of anxiety what the summer days will be like when roofers, painters, and siders arrive to perform our house’s make-over. Of course, they won’t all come at once. Separate crews will come, one after the other, to tear off and reconstruct our roof, clean and repaint our foundation, and strip and replace our worn out siding. There will be noise. And men crawling all over my house.

Perhaps today’s noisy distractions are for my practice in writing a blog post in a less than peaceful house, in doing what I do on any other day while the workers work, in remembering that it’s OK to ask for a truck to be moved for my convenience, in being thankful for the services people provide for us, in making up my mind to find little ways to bless the crews who will work for us and to be flexible.

Look closely at the reflection of the window on my screen. See the truck?

As this post comes to a close, the neighbor’s tree is history and the truck is gone, the wind continues to gust as snowflakes blow around, and I’m realizing, once again, that I can do all things who Christ who gives me strength.









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