Thoughts Collected by Lisa is a place for Lisa (Pfeiffer) Frisch to share life experiences, things learned, and thoughts, well…collected in written form so that her joy may be complete.  Each day, our minds are filled with countless thoughts about a myriad of topics from the mundane (what to make for dinner) to the profound (why does my life matter).  Over the course of a half century, experience and, hopefully, wisdom are gained that can and should be shared with others.  Begun in the summer of 2016, this blog is a place for that sharing, which leads to completed joy.  This writer knows that there is frustration with having a great idea or insight and letting it slip away without sharing it with someone else.  Who hasn’t completed the search for a great recipe, or book, or vacation destination and not wanted to shout it to the world?

And when a life has been made new by the power of the Holy Spirit through belief in Jesus Christ, well, that joy just cannot be contained!  The author of the Gospel of John writes in his letter called 1 John and included in the New Testament of the Bible, “We write this to make our joy complete.”   (1 John 1:4 New International Version)

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Who am I? And why am I starting this blog?